Ceramic Coating for Cars: The Ultimate Protection for Your Vehicle's Paint

Ceramic coating for cars is the ultimate solution for protecting your vehicle’s paint and keeping it looking showroom-fresh for years to come. Are you tired of seeing your car’s paint lose its shine and gloss over time? Do you want to safeguard your prized possession from the harsh elements and everyday wear and tear? Look no further than a ceramic coating, the innovative technology that forms a protective layer over your car’s exterior. The Auto Protection Specialists offer top-quality ceramic coating services that will elevate your ride’s appearance to new heights.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that bonds to your vehicle’s paint, creating a durable, transparent layer of protection. This coating is a barrier against UV rays, dirt, grime, and other contaminants that can damage your car’s finish. Unlike traditional waxes or sealants, ceramic coatings provide long-lasting protection without frequent reapplication for exterior detailings for cars.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating For Cars


1. Superior Protection

Our ceramic coating for cars offers exceptional protection against the elements. Whether it’s harsh sunlight, acid rain, or road debris, your car’s paint will remain shielded from damage. The hydrophobic properties of the coating also make it easier to clean your vehicle, as dirt and grime will have a harder time sticking to the surface.

Real-life example: Imagine driving your ceramic-coated car through a muddy construction zone. While other vehicles might end up with a layer of grime, the mud will simply slide off your car’s surface, leaving it looking clean and pristine.

2. Enhanced Shine

Ceramic coatings not only protect your car’s paint but also enhance its appearance. The coating adds depth and clarity to your vehicle’s color, making it look brand-new. The glossy, mirror-like finish will turn heads wherever you go. You can also get car paint enhancement services before the ceramic coat.

Real-life example: Picture parking your ceramic-coated car next to a non-coated vehicle of the same make and model. The difference in shine and luster will be immediately noticeable, with your car standing out as the clear winner.

3. Long-lasting Results

One of the most significant advantages of ceramic coating for cars is its durability. With proper maintenance, a high-quality ceramic coating can last for several years, providing long-term protection for your vehicle. This means you can spend less time and money on frequent waxing or polishing, and more time enjoying your beautiful ride.

Real-life example: Imagine washing your ceramic-coated car after a year of daily driving. The water will still bead up and roll off the surface, demonstrating the coating’s lasting effectiveness.

Upgrade Your Car’s Appearance with Our Top-Tier Ceramic Coating Packages

Protect your vehicle’s paint and enhance its shine with The Auto Protection Specialists’ premium ceramic coating packages. Choose from a range of options, including Fireball Dok Do 10yr, Fireball Butterfly Graphene 9yr, Angelwax Nebula 5-7yr, Fireball Butterfly 5-7yr, Fireball Silla 5yr, Angelwax Solaris 3yr, and Fireball Devils Blood 3yr. 

Each package involves a thorough paint inspection, level 2 clay bar iron decontamination detail, and professional application of the ceramic coating on your car’s paint, headlights, and taillights. 

With varying levels of durability and maintenance requirements, these packages offer the best ceramic coating solutions for daily drivers, show cars, and those who frequently trade vehicles, ensuring long-lasting protection and a stunning finish for your prized possession.


Fixing discrepancies on the paintwork of a vehicle always comes first. Here at the shop, our licensed and insured team of highly skilled automotive detailers respect the tactile art form of paint correction, thinking critically and treating every paint correction project with the unique attention to detail.

Package Fireball Dok Do 10yr Fireball Butterfly Graphene 9yr Angelwax Nebula 5-7yr Fireball Butterfly 5-7yr Fireball Silla 5yr Angelwax Solaris 3yr Fireball Devils Blood 3yr
Paint inspection check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark
lvl 2 clay bar iron decon detail check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark
Ceramic coat headlights and tailights check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark
ceramic coat all car paint check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark
Free first wash! check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark
Ceramic maintenance required 2.5yrs 2yrs x-mark 1.5yrs 1.5yrs x-mark 1yr
Top 3 most applied check mark x-mark check mark x-mark x-mark check mark x-mark
Best Daily Driving Coating x-mark x-mark check mark x-mark x-mark x-mark x-mark
Best Show Car Coating check mark x-mark x-mark x-mark x-mark x-mark x-mark
Best Coating for customers that trade cars frequently x-mark x-mark x-mark x-mark x-mark check mark x-mark
Starting Price 2000 1500 1200 1200 1000 700 600

Benefits Of Ceramic Coating

1. This gives you a thicker protective layer than any wax, spray on spray off coating, or paint sealant would

2. Harder than clear coat (more scratch resistant)

3. Hydrophobic properties

4. Keeps the car clean longer

5. Makes easier to clean

6. Prevents paint fading

7. Helps fight against scratches and swirls

8. Enhances the gloss on your vehicle (makes the appearance better for longer)

9. Your going to get a better appearance than a wax would for longer

10. Self cleaning factor (when raining dirty and sticks to the water droplets not the paint itself)

11. Prevents rust spots on vehicle

12. Prevents road tar, bug guts, tree sap, salt, and more from sticking to paint and absorbing to paint

13. I’m also certified to install this on your vehicle by a world renowned shop Chicago Auto Pros unlike everyone else


Exterior + Decontamination Wash & Clay Bar

Level 2 Starting at $200

This is a great exterior detail that is always done before any kind of pain enhancement or ceramic coating. This is recommended once a year and is also done on every ceramic coating customer every 6 months to a year. This package includes everything in the level 1 exterior and more!

  • All painted surface iron deconed
  • All painted surfaces clay bar
  • Using warm DI water only throughout the decontamination process
  • Using every method to remove water spots besides any paint correction
  • Removing any imbedded contamination that can not be removed during regular exterior detailed washing
  • Removing any hard contamination that is above the painted surface not below


Ceramic coating, also called nano-ceramic coating, is a clear coat that acts as an extra layer of protection for your car. Aside from protecting the surface, it can give your vehicle unbeatable shine setting you apart on the road.

Have you recently bought a car and want additional layers of protection without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty? Apply this solution professionally applied, giving factory paintwork untouched not helping with those harsh conditions which are inevitable driving every day

Ceramic coating is a thin, clear coat of protection that can be added to your vehicle’s paint job. This chemical polymer solution will keep it spotless and shiny for years without washing or waxing.



A ceramic-coated car resists the harsh effects of the chemicals, especially during a car wash, leaving you with the same level of shine. UV protection is also an advantage that comes from having a coated vehicle.

You can expect many benefits when you bring your car in for one of our ceramic coating packages, including chemical resistance and UV protection!

Call us today or for a faster response, fill out booking form on contact page to schedule an appointment to learn more about our offer!


The durability of our ceramic coating services in Bloomington is unmatched. That’s because we use only the best products, including two excellent brands that will keep your vehicle looking fresh longer.


When it comes to ceramic coating for wheels, everyone can relate. The difficulty of washing dirt out of your wheels after driving through the mud can be greatly reduced by a detailing expert using a clear coat – following regular hand wash, and a careful application process that begins with tire trim cleaning followed by an inspection into the wheel surface condition before any paint or color is applied. This leaves you confident about taking on the next adventure because they will stay cleaner longer and last much longer than without it!

  • Brake dust is easier to remove
  • Gloss, depth, and shine enhancement
  • Water repellant
  • Mud washes off wheels easily
  • Extremely hydrophobic

Several other benefits to a superb detailing service that you will discover when your vehicle goes through the process.



Paint correction doesn’t just make your car look good; it also preserves the paintwork for years to come. Paint is vulnerable to damage, and any scratch or dent can permanently scar it. Paint correction restores the clarity of that original shine – with zero scratches or swirl marks!


You’ve not worked with the best if you haven’t had your car professionally detailed by is. We safely remove oxidation and other defects that can lead to further damage to an auto’s paint job, leaving it looking new!

Why Trust Auto Protection Specialists For Ceramic Coating for Cars?

When it comes to protecting your vehicle’s paint and enhancing its appearance, you can count on the skilled professionals at Auto Protection Specialists. We are dedicated to providing excellent ceramic coating services for cars, ensuring your prized possession receives the care and attention it deserves.

Our team of experienced specialists undergoes training sessions to perfect the application process of ceramic coatings. We understand that the key to a flawless and durable finish lies in the preparation. That’s why we carefully inspect and correct any imperfections on your car’s surface before applying the coating, guaranteeing optimal results.

At Auto Protection Specialists, we only use premium ceramic coating products that have been proven to provide superior protection and shine. Our commitment to quality means you can trust us to deliver a finish that not only looks incredible but also stands the test of time.

Experience the difference of entrusting your car to the professionals at Auto Protection Specialists. Let us help you protect your investment and keep your vehicle looking its best with our top-quality ceramic coating services.


Below are some questions our customers have asked about our auto body wash, paint correction, ceramic coating, and detailing services.

What is the meaning of 9H Hardness?

What is the meaning of 9h Ceramic Hardness? It’s an amazing screen protection technology created by Friedrich Mohs. This technicality measures the hardness that a pencil would leave if it hit your phone – and determines how much damage could be done to the clear coat on your vehicle before scratching the surface.

Ceramic coatings have this feature to aid or assist in reducing marring, scratches, and swirls that may occur from daily usage.

Is paint correction necessary before ceramic coating?

Every detailer knows that deep and fine scratches can make your car’s finish look subpar. So you’ll be happy to know before we coat it, every professional will go through the process of removing these imperfections first-hand!

How much does a ceramic coating job cost for a car?

Ceramic coating services are worth investing in for a long-lasting, protective paint job. From hand washing to coatings application, everything is done by experts who can protect your vehicle from environmental elements that would otherwise cause costly damage. This process starts at around $800, but it’s well worth keeping our precious car looking brand new!

The ceramic coating service provides sturdy protection against harmful external factors, eventually leading to excessive wear on your automobile’s body if left untreated.

Do ceramic coating solutions prevent scratches?

A ceramic-coated car will aid in preventing fine scratches, staining, and etching but not adverse scratches from big rock chips and parking lot scratches that can leave deep marks.

How durable is the ceramic coating?

Ceramic coatings boast a 9h hardness to make them super durable while retaining water beading effects for easy maintenance. With a promise of a 1-year to 7-year warranty and scratch resistance, ceramic coating is the way forward!

How long does ceramic coating for cars last?

With proper maintenance, a high-quality ceramic coating can last for several years, providing long-term protection for your vehicle.

Can the ceramic coating be applied to new cars?

Yes, ceramic coating is an excellent way to protect your new car’s paint from the start, helping to maintain its showroom appearance.

Does ceramic coating require special maintenance?

While the ceramic coating is highly durable, it’s essential to use pH-neutral cleaning products and avoid harsh materials that could damage the coating.

How long does it take to apply ceramic coating?

The ceramic coating process typically takes 1-2 days, depending on the size and condition of your vehicle.

Can the ceramic coating be applied to all colors?

Yes, ceramic coating can be applied to any color vehicle, enhancing the depth and clarity of the paint.

Is ceramic coating worth the investment?

Considering the long-lasting protection and enhanced appearance it provides, ceramic coating is a worthwhile investment for those who want to keep their vehicle looking its best.

Can the ceramic coating be removed?

While ceramic coating is designed to be a long-term solution, it can be removed by a professional if needed.

Does ceramic coating prevent scratches?

While ceramic coating can help prevent minor scratches, it is not scratch-proof. However, it does make the surface more resistant to damage.

Can I apply ceramic coating myself?

For the best results, it’s recommended to have ceramic coating professionally applied by trained technicians.

How do I choose a ceramic coating provider?

When selecting a ceramic coating provider, look for a reputable company with experienced technicians and high-quality products, like The Auto Protection Specialists.