STUFF WE ARE WORKING ON TO IMPROVE The Auto Protection Specialists!!


Adding interior ceramics and longer term protection options that will offer the best possible protection for parts of the vehicle such as Trim, Seats, Carpeting, and much more!

Membership Detailing

We are planning on adding a membership Program with no monthly fee. You as the customer just have to bring your vehicle to us at least once a year to become a member. Members get certain benefits like free and exclusive access to all the events we sponsor and are apart of. Exclusive member discounts, For Example sometimes we will do free window tint, free exterior details and more! There will be more benefits to come as we finalize it!


We are working on adding the ceramic film to our window tint that we currently offer.  As well as offering more commercial window tint for commercial vehicles and even office buildings or your home!

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Below are some questions our customers have asked about our auto body wash, paint correction, ceramic coating, and detailing services.

What is the benefit of paint correction?

Paint correction helps your vehicle retain its new car luster for many years! Whether you’re looking to sell that beater down the street or keep your current ride like-new, professional paint correction should be on your radar. Let our dependable team maintain that beautiful exterior with a little help from state of the art abrasive products designed to bring out those embedded swirls, holograms, scuffs and other imperfections hiding in plain sight around your vehicle’s skin.

Can we put ceramic coating on after paint correction?

Yes, you can. But be sure that your car’s paintwork has been completely corrected before adding a ceramic coating, as it is semi-permanent and acts as a shield to abrasions, making future corrective work more difficult.

My paint is oxidized, will paint correction fix this?

Different processes of automotive paint correction can fix oxidized paint; however, the method a detailer uses varies depending on both the level of severity of the oxidization and the color of your vehicle’s paintwork.

Do new cars need paint correction?

Understand this: dealers are not detailers. They could very well have washed and dried a new vehicle incorrectly, rubbing abrasive dust and dirt unknowingly against the finish. Light or heavy paint correction is helpful on even the most spotless finishes.