Brace Your Ride with Exterior Car Detailing Services At Auto Protection Specialists

Exterior car detailing is a thorough process that transforms your vehicle’s appearance, making it look as good as new. At The Auto Protection Specialists, we specialize in providing the best exterior detailing services to keep your car looking its best. Our trained professionals will restore and protect the exterior of your car using high-quality supplies, guaranteeing a brand-new finish that will draw attention while driving.

What is Exterior Car Detailing?

Exterior car detailing goes beyond a simple car wash. It involves thoroughly cleaning, polishing, and protecting every aspect of your vehicle’s exterior, including the paint, wheels, tires, glass, and trim. Our detailing experts use specialized tools and products to remove dirt, dust, and contaminants that can dull your car’s appearance and cause long-term damage. You can ask any of our customers about the professional car ceramic coating job we did for them


We begin our thorough detailing procedure with an extensive wash to get rid of pollutants and surface filth. After that, we utilize a specific clay bar treatment to carefully remove overspray and bonded contaminants from the surface of your paint. After that, our professionals use a precise machine polishing technique to level and improve the clear coat, removing any swirls, scratches, oxidation, and other flaws. The end product is a flawless, sparkling finish that has been prepared for optimal gloss and protection.

Why Do Our Exterior Car Detailing Services Stand Out

At The Auto Protection Specialists, we offer a range of exterior car detailing services to meet your specific needs. Whether you want a basic wash and wax or a full paint correction and ceramic coating, we have the expertise and equipment to deliver exceptional results. Our experts are passionate about automotive detailing and take immense delight in what they do, ensuring every vehicle is treated with the utmost care and attention to detail. Also want to redo the interior? Talk to our experts to consult and get interior car detailing.

Paint Correction

Over time, your car’s paint can accumulate swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation that detract from its appearance. Our paint correction service uses advanced polishing techniques to remove these imperfections and restore the clarity and depth of your paint. We use a multi-stage process that includes compounding, polishing, and finishing to achieve a flawless, mirror-like finish.

Ceramic Coating

For the ultimate in paint protection, we offer ceramic coating services. Ceramic coatings create a durable, hydrophobic barrier on your paint that repels water, dirt, and contaminants. This makes your car easier to clean and maintain, and it provides long-lasting protection against UV rays, chemical etching, and light scratches. Our ceramic coatings are applied by certified technicians using the latest application techniques to ensure optimal results.

Wheel and Tire Detailing

Your wheels and tires are constantly exposed to brake dust, road grime, and other contaminants that can cause corrosion and premature wear. Our wheel and tire detailing service uses specialized cleaners and brushes to remove these contaminants and restore the appearance of your wheels. We also apply tire dressings to protect against cracking and fading and to give your tires a deep, rich shine.


Standard Full Exterior

Level 1 Starting at $125

This a great exterior detail for maintaining your vehicle that offers more than you would expect. Great for vehicles that are well maintained that need that extra touch before the car show or to keep your vehicle in good condition compared to the average vehicle on the road! Always recommend a standard exterior detail every 6 months Minimum! This is because the rims and paint surfaces are delicate and if they aren’t properly cleaned regularly the brake dust, tree sap, bird droppings, and water spots can eat away at your cars finish over time.

What is Included

  • Exterior glass cleaned inside out 
  • Wheel wells.  
  • Foam cannon spray to gently lift off debris on your paint before any contact washing
  • Warm water 2 bucket method wash and detail
  • Rinse with only Deionized water
  • Bug and Tar removal around the vehicle 
  • Face of wheels and inside the wheel/barrel of wheel
  • Sidewall of tire
  • Tire shine 
  • 6 month paint sealant that covers paint, wheels, and trim 
Rims and Tires
  • Spray wheel cleaner all over the wheel and tire 
  • Use bucket with designated wheel cleaner with wheel and tire cleaning tools 
  • Clean barrel of wheel
  • Cean sidewall of tire
  • Clean face of the wheel
  • Clean inside spokes of wheel
  • Clean behind spokes of wheel
  • Clean lugnuts 
  • Rinse off wheel and tire
  • (These steps 4X)
  • Complete foam wash with shampoo diluted 5:1
  • Use secondary shampoo with 2 bucket method 
  • Hand wash entire exterior of vehicle vehicle 
  • Foam wheels
  • Wash glass 
  • Wash roof and other hard to reach places 
  • Detail and wash exhaust pipe
  • Detail and wash gas cap 
  • Using Deionized water on the full body of vehicle and it’s windows
  • Face of wheels and inside the wheel/barrel of wheel 
  • Sidewall of tire 
  • Inside wheel well
  • Using Deionized water it a 0% chance of leaving water spots and is the safest way to clean and help dry the vehicle 
  • Using various different styles of microfiber towels rated (70/30)
  • Air Drying (master blaster) 
  • Buff off wheels and tires
  • Buff off mirrors 
  • Buff off hood and other body panels
Protection Coating
  • Using a high end spray on spray off coating (Lasts between up to 4 months under daily driver conditions)
  • Coating of all exterior paint, trim, chrome, headlights, plastic, and wheels 
  • Chrome shine
  • Coating lasts longer the better you take care of it 
  • Tire shine application or you can upgrade to the tire coating 

Exterior + Engine Bay

Level 2 Starting at $150

This is one of the best bangs for your buck when it comes for all around exterior detailing. You get the full level 1 exterior and the engine bay detail. What it includes:

  • Everything from level 1 and More!
  • One of our most popular exterior detailing packages
  • You get the full engine bay detailing 
  • Making the next guy to change your oil happy 
  • Helps big time for resale value

Exterior + Decontamination Wash & Clay Bar

Level 2 Starting at $200

This is a great exterior detail that is always done before any kind of paint enhancement or ceramic coating. This is recommended once a year and is also done on every ceramic coating customer every 1-2 years. This package includes everything in the level 1 exterior and more!

  • All painted surface iron deconed
  • All painted surfaces clay bar 
  • Using warm DI water only throughout the decontamination process
  • Using every method to remove water spots besides any paint correction 
  • Removing any imbedded contamination that can not be removed during regular exterior detailed washing 
  • Removing any hard contamination that is above the painted surface not below 

Exterior Detail

Level 3 Starting at $225

This is the best bang for your buck when it comes for all around exterior detailing. You get the full exterior decontamination wash and the engine bay detail. What it includes:


  • The best valued exterior detailing package 
  • Everything from both level 2’s and more!
  • You get the full engine bay detailing 
  • You get the full clay bar and deconmanition 
  • Best of Both worlds
  • Several other benefits to a superb detailing service that you will discover when your vehicle goes through the process.

Exterior Detail

Level 4 Starting at $250

This is absolutely everything we have to offer without correcting the paint or putting a full blown ceramic coating on. This is highly recommended if you want to have coating with us and want to take your car to that next level. After this level of detail you will have the confidence to take your vehicle to SEMA or the Chicago auto show. This package includes everything from level 3 and more! Every square inch of the outside of the vehicle gets protected in one way shape or form:


  • Engine bay detail 
  • Tire coating
  • Trim coating 
  • Decon wash 
  • Standard full exterior 

Exterior Detail + Polish

Level 5 Starting at $700

This is great if you are trying to get a booster for your paint! The polish removes 50-75% of the defects in the vehicles while bringing out the true color and depth of your car’s paint. Defects able to be removed are water spots and paint etching that can’t be removed with regular detailing. This package includes everything Level 4 and More!

  • You get a full polish of all paint on vehicle 
  • Polishing of taillights and headlights


If you’re looking for a way to keep your car clean and shiny down to the finest little details, it’s time to get an exterior detail. Our detailers often use clay bars and iron decon to remove imbedded contamination making the roughness of your paint buttery smooth. As well as full engine bay detailing, and restoring/protecting trim pieces we can make your vehicle new and showroom quality again. Any one of our exterior detailing packages is great on vehicles of all makes–from Audi to Volkswagen, classic to the modern supercar, and everything in between.

But don’t worry- we’ve got just the thing: our premium exterior detailing packages will leave your vehicle with a blinding shine that’ll last as long as possible. Plus, all of our detailing services are custom tailor made for you at The Auto Protection Specialists: 

  • Increases car worth
  • Attention to detail. This is because we’re not merely trying to get the car clean; we make sure to be extremely thorough to make sure all the little details, especially the parts that have never been cleaned  to be detailed and protected.
  • Auto body protection. Our nano sealants help protect the vehicle overtime and are included on all exterior detailing packages. Upgrading to a paint protection film or a ceramic coating insures your vehicle is protected by the best products in the industry as we are “The Auto Protection Specialists”
  • Revives the beauty of the vehicle

Several other benefits to a superb detailing service that you will discover when your vehicle goes through the process.


Our goal is to clean and restore your vehicle to like-new condition. Unlike getting it washed at a regular automatic car wash, which can ultimately scratch your vehicle and not remove the dirt and contamination properly; Detailing is always done by hand with processes and procedures to completely detail and clean the vehicle without inducing any scratches to keep your vehicle looking newer for longer! By doing proper hand washing and detailing, we are able to make sure your vehicle is completely clean and prepped for our nano sealant that provides real protection compared to anything you can get at an automatic car wash.

Car Coating and Washing


Revitalizing your vehicle’s beauty is what we live for. We touch up every part of the car to the little trim seams to even the small areas around complex body panels like bumpers and emblem areas. Below are some qualities that set us apart.

Detail Cog Icon


Imagine a sparkly clean car. Now imagine that sparkling vehicle at the pinnacle of perfection after it has been hand washed, detailed to ensure nothing is left behind or out of place. Our goal is always to get to 99.9% or a close to perfection as possible.

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All of our specialists have the proper training to take meticulous care of any car that comes in the shop. Everyone one of our technicians is certified in the particular service they are performing. Whether it’s Detailing, PPF, Ceramic coating, Paint Correction, or Window Tinting, we have Specialists to make sure your car will always be taken good care of with us.

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Because our service goes beyond just cleaning vehicles, we ensure that every product that touches your car has been rigorously tested and improved. From ceramics to window tint film to paint protection film to sealant to deionized water to shampoo and many more, we use only the best.

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Timely and Thorough

We understand that your car is a big part of who you are. That’s why we take the time to get it looking new, inside and out even if we have to stay after hours  – We’ll do whatever it takes!

Why Should You Pick Auto Protection Specialist for Exterior Car Detailing Services

By choosing The Auto Protection Specialists, you’re not just investing in a one-time service; you’re investing in the long-term preservation of your car’s beauty and value. When you choose us for your exterior detailing needs, you can expect attention to detail from our technicians who are trained to spot and address even the smallest imperfections in your paint and trim.

We take the time to do the job right, ensuring that every inch of your car looks its best.   We use only the highest quality detailing products from trusted brands like Meguiar’s, Chemical Guys, and Gtechniq. These products are designed to deliver superior results without harming your car’s delicate surfaces. For your convenience, we offer mobile detailing services, so we can come to you at your home or office. This saves you time and hassle and ensures that your car is detailed in a controlled environment.

Don’t let dirt, grime, and oxidation dull your car’s shine. Contact The Auto Protection Specialists today to schedule your exterior detailing appointment. Our friendly staff will work with you to create a customized detailing plan that fits your needs and budget. Trust us to keep your car looking its best, inside and out.


Below are some questions our customers have asked about our auto body wash, paint correction, ceramic coating, and detailing services.

What is the benefit of paint correction?

Paint correction helps your vehicle retain its new car luster for many years! Whether you’re looking to sell that beater down the street or keep your current ride like-new, professional paint correction should be on your radar. Let our dependable team maintain that beautiful exterior with a little help from state of the art products designed to bring out those embedded swirls, holograms, scuffs and other imperfections hiding in plain sight around your vehicle’s skin.

Can we put ceramic coating on after paint correction?

Absolutely you can! Ceramic Coating is 1 of the 2 best ways to protect your vehicle. But be sure that your car’s paintwork has been completely corrected before adding a ceramic coating, as it is semi-permanent and acts as a shield to abrasions, making future corrective work more difficult.

My paint is oxidized, will paint correction fix this?

Different processes of automotive paint correction can fix oxidized paint; however, the method our Paint Enhancement Specialist uses varies depending on both the level of severity of the oxidization and the color of your vehicle’s paintwork.

Do new cars need paint correction?

Understand this: dealers are not detailers. They could very well have washed and dried a new vehicle incorrectly, rubbing abrasive dust and dirt unknowingly against the finish. Light or heavy paint correction is helpful on even the most spotless finishes. We have also never ever in our years of polishing vehicles encountered a brand new vehicle that was 100% flawless prior to arriving to the shop. No matter if the car only has 1 mile on the odometer, we still always recommend paint enhancement before any long term protection is applied.

How often should I have my car’s exterior detailed?

Depending on your driving style and the conditions where you live, the majority of experts advise getting your car detailed every four to six months. Frequent detailing preserves the look of your car and helps to protect the paint.

How long does the exterior car detailing process take?

The time required for exterior car detailing varies depending on the size of your vehicle and the services you choose, but most full exterior details take 4-8 hours.

What's the difference between washing and detailing?

Washing removes surface dirt and grime while detailing involves a more thorough cleaning process that addresses embedded contaminants, oxidation, and minor imperfections in the paint.

Can exterior car detailing remove scratches and swirl marks?

Yes, our paint correction service can remove minor scratches and swirl marks using advanced polishing techniques. However, deeper scratches may require additional services like touch-up paint or bodywork.

Do I need an appointment for an exterior detail?

Yes, appointments are recommended to ensure availability and allow proper time for the detailing process

Do you offer mobile detailing services?

Yes, we offer convenient mobile detailing services, so we can come to you at your home or office. This saves you time and ensures that your car is detailed in a controlled environment.

What kind of products do you use for exterior car detailing?

We use only premium, high-quality detailing products from trusted brands like Meguiar’s, Chemical Guys, and Gtechniq. These products are designed to deliver superior results without harming your car’s delicate surfaces.

How does exterior detailing protect my car's paint?

Exterior detailing removes embedded contaminants and applies protective coatings like wax or ceramic that shield your paint from UV rays, oxidation, and environmental hazards. This helps extend the life of your paint and maintain your car’s value.

Can you remove water spots and mineral deposits from my car's exterior?

Yes, our detailing process includes techniques for removing water spots and mineral deposits from your car’s paint, glass, and trim. We use specialized products and tools to safely remove these stubborn contaminants.

How can I maintain my car's appearance between detailing appointments?

To keep your car looking its best between detailing appointments, we recommend washing it regularly with a pH-neutral car shampoo, using microfiber towels to avoid scratches, and parking in a garage or shaded area when possible. We can also provide you with personalized tips and product recommendations based on your specific needs.